Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The ballet star project

The winter collection of Dolce & Gabbana caused a collective sick obsession with stars print. Most stores were inundated with stars, so we all got a little bit fed up with this trend. In that regard, my purpose in this DIY is to adapt the metallic bright trend to summer season, as I told you in my previous post, but also to do a softened proposal of stars print, without using contrasting colors


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www.daretodiy.com DIY Star Ballerina

Materials for this are really easy to get, you'll probably have most of them at home: a pair of ballerinas,   a cutter, sharpened scissors and a felt-tipped pen.

I recommend using real leather ballerinas. I don't know how the result would be on fabric or faux leather. Maybe the cuts wouldn't look so accurate and so, the surface would end up spliting off into layers. I was so lucky and found these on sale for twelve euros. The quality of the leather looks pretty good, their real price was fifty euros. I'm so happy with the result, I hope you guys like it and Dare to Do It Yourself!!



1. Draw the stars with the felt tipped pen. Don't do them too close one to another, as the leather may rip. I know this from my own experience, as I had a small "accident" and I almost ruined this DIY.

2. Mark the drawing with a cutter, lean against a hard surface.

3. Introduce the scissors and cut the stars off. Try to make accurate cuts, and be careful with the angles. Drawings don't necessary have to look symmetrical at each feet.

4. Clean the remains of the felt tipped pen with a little bit of alcohol Don't use nail polish remover. Don't rub too hard, the color of the leather could fade.


  1. Girl!!!! These are GORGEOUS!!! Wow - I am amazed with your patience to cut out all these stars! It was well worth the effort - amaaaazing work :)



    1. Thank you!! Actually it took me less than two hours. The hardest part of this DIY is that you have to do a lot strength with your hands and the scissors to cut the leather. My right hand is still a little bit painful...


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