Thursday, March 1, 2012

I want that T-shirt so badly!

Moschino, via
Have you ever had craving for a t-shirt that is impossible to buy?? Maybe because it is out of stock or just too expensive? One day I decided to re-design the t-shirts that, for some reason, I couldn't get by using Photoshop and Illustrator. I took the images to a printer's and I started getting exactly what I wanted!

Sometimes we fall for a t-shirt just because it has a funny sentence on a regular typography, but the quality of the fabric is not as good as we expect. Is it worth paying hundreds of dollars for that?? Sometimes it is, sometimes it's not.

I love Shoes, Bags & Boys
Three years ago I saw this t-shirt somewhere in London, but I was in a hurry and I couldn't stop to buy it. After a while, it became an iconic t-shirt between bloggers and some celebrities, and as a consequence it was out of stock everywhere. So I decided to create mine! I used Adobe Illustrator, but any software you have will work for this. The typography is Cooper Black.


Yes We Ken
I saw Chiara Ferragni wearing this t-shirt in one of her outfits and I had a crush! I was like: "I need this, now" But I got so disappointed when I saw that It was only available for men... I copied the image with Illustrator and Photoshop, but changing a few things on the design and making the colours brighter.
The Blonde Salad

On the other hand there are many nice t-shirts printed with pictures you can just find on Google. Just get the picture, touch it up if necessary (brightness, contrast)and take it to the printer's. Here's an example: Silvia from 1sillaparamibolso is wearing a cool (and surprisingly inexpensive) t-shirt from eBay. It has a picture printed that easily can be found on the Internet. If you don't trust an online seller or just don't want to pay for the shipping, DIY is always a good bet.


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