Saturday, July 20, 2013

DIY Project: Make a clutch bag with a car license plate

Here's my new favorite DIY ever!
With the permission of my mexican embroidered skirt... It's simple clutch bag with a zipper closure and I added a car license plate. I love the fact that it's a real and used car plate. And it's so easy to find, you can get it at any souvenirs shop or around the internet, for instance on Ebay.

I was inspired by this Kate Spade bag I saw in a store. I loved the idea, but I was a little bit disappointed with the quality: it looks more like a H&M sale bag than like what a 400$ bag. I would never buy a PVC bag like that, I prefer doing it myself with good quality materials.

Then I got down to work. You could actually make this DIY in five minutes, if you used any bag you already have. I preferred doing it from scratch because I didn't find the perfect bag I envisioned. So here's a basic videotutorial of how to make a zipper leather clutch bag. Hope you guys enjoy!

2 leather rectangles (exterior)
2 fabric rectangles (lining)
1 metallic zipper
1 car license plate
4  machine screws 
Textile glue
Pins / double sided tape
Thick sewing machine needles

Pins always leave a mark on leather. Try o use it on the inner part of the seams, or use double sided tape instead.

The best way of finishing the zipper is sewing the leather piece. I used textile glue because I broke 3 needles in the attempt, as my zipper is metallic.
I can't wait to wear it! Hope you guys liked it as much as I do
What do you guys think? Would you dare to make your own license plate clutch?

Hope you guys have a great weekend! Have fun!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

California dreaming

Hi everyone!
As you guys know, when I do anything that doesn't come out well, I simply try doing it again. That's something I've been saying since my very first post, that's how I am. After the awful experience I had last year with my rollerblades, today I tried skating again. But I didn't skate with an ordinary pair of roller skates... I finally got the colored skates that the whole Pinterest is craving for!! I had many doubts, but it was love at first sight and it was totally worth the risk. Today I went to Mission beach to try my new skates and I totally loved them!

Hope you guys like the pictures and my last last diy :)
Skirt: DIY (originally from H&M)
Roller Skates: Moxi Roller Skates
Bikini: H&M (2012)
At first I thought of making a DIY, because they're not easy to find outside the US (and I normally live in Barcelona). My idea was to dye a regular pair of white skates with leather dye. It's so easy to find online, I got mine on Ebay. But in the end, as I had the chance of living in California for a few months, I bought my Moxi Strawberry skates.

The dye for shoes is not so difficult to use: just apply a few thin layers of dye with a sponge applicator, using smooth even strokes. It works well on smooth leather, patents, synthetics, canvas and satins. If you don't dare to make it, you can just take your skates to the cobbler.
Hope you guys liked the pictures. And stay tuned, I'm sure you guys are going to love this week's DIY ;)

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