Thursday, February 28, 2013

DIY Project: romantic headband

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I don't give up my personal quest of spreading DIY lifestyle. In order to do so, this week I came up with a very easy project but also very eye-catching. There's nothing more rewarding than being asked about where to buy something you did yourself. This why I'm always encouraging you guys to stop saying things such as "I can't do it" and to start trying.

This week's inspiration is a real luxury. I don't usually do this kind of DIY's (seeing an inspiration and doing it just alike). But I simply fell for this Eugenia Kim headband the moment I saw it. I think it's so pretty for any spring event. When I eventually came across these rubber bugs I couldn't help it! I simply had to do it.

The inspiration
Insects from the Bioexplorer collection from the spanish toy store Imaginarium (1 €/ud)
You'll be able to find the most important supply for this DIY in toy stores. The project itself couldn't be easier: just glue the bugs with a hot glue gun and paint it with spray paint. That's all. Here's the video so you can see how simple it is.
Which kind of spray paint should I use?
I made this DIY a few weeks before the XL necklace from last week, but I had some problems with the paint. This is why I couldn't show it to you guys until now. I used silvered acrylic spray paint and two weeks after it was still wet! I couldn't be more disappointed. In the end I had to clean all the paint up and start over with another kind of paint. The second time I went for a matte synthetic spray paint. Happily, it all turned out well.

1. Don't try to get a full coverage at once. It's better to apply a few thin layers. 

2. Don't use acrylic spray paint on plastic or rubber. Synthetic spray sets better and looks nicer.

Hope you guys liked it!

Monday, February 25, 2013

DIY Inspiration: Spring's already on my head

This week's DIY inspiration, as you can see, is about hair accessories. It all comes in a Spring and romantic tone. Despite the freezing weather out there, I'm starting to feel as if it was spring. It's snowing in Barcelona, but I can't wait to wear spring fashion... Yes, I live in my own bubble ;)
Somehow, fashion sometimes goes its own way too, which is usually far away from real life.
Floral headband: Cult Gaia
What about you guys? Are you still in a winter mood?

Thursday, February 21, 2013

DIY project: make an XL necklace with a hot glue gun

Apart from fixing broken porcelain vases, or sealing bathroom tiles, a hot glue gun provides many creative possibilities. Here's just an example of how to make the most of your hot glue gun. The truth is that this project has been very experimental, I didn't know what would come out of this. Fortunately, I loved the result. What we get with this technique is something really flexible and light but, at the same time, very resistant. These features make it perfect to decorate clothes or to make accessories. 
There are colored hot glue tubes, some of them even with glitter. I haven't tried them but I like better the effect of the spray paint on the silicone. This way we can achieve a very intense and shiny color. I'm sure this will be just the beginning of a huge list of hot glue gun DIY's. Here's the videotutorial!

Hope you guys like the result and dare to do it yourselves! Don't forget to subscribe Dare to DIY's Youtube channel here ;)


Monday, February 11, 2013

You pick the DIY, we'll make it for you

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Do you have any DIY idea? Is there something you love and you would like to learn how to make it?
7 DIY bloggers worldwide are here for you!! Our DIY team is formed by Carly Chic Steals, Sylvia (me, Dare to DIY, Alessia (A Matter of Style), Donatella (Inspiration&Realisation), Charley (Chic Cheat), Cat (Cut Out and Keep).

If you want to join this DIY challenge, simply follow these steps.

1. Follow me on Pinterest

2. Join our group board. We need your e-mail adress to invite you to our group board. Send us an e-mail ( or leave a comment bellow with your adress. If you don't have Pinterest you can just e-mail your picture or leave me a link in a comment and I'll pint it.

3. Vote your favorites: the most liked or repined pictures will be DIYed by us

We love challenges and this could be a great experience, so don't hesitate and send us your fashion favorites!

Friday, February 8, 2013

DIY Project: full pleated skirt (newspaper print)

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I don't usually make more than one DIY per "inspiration". But in this case, having a newspaper print skirt was more than a whim for me. It was a real need! I saw the original skirt by the designer Carrie Hammer at I Spy DIY, and immediately remembered this newspaper fabric from my favorite fabric store in Barcelona. Actually, I think it's exactly the same fabric! Great issues of globalization!

You guys probably saw this DIY a few days ago on Twitter or Instagram. But here comes the tutorial in pictures and the video step by step. It's a high waist pleated skirt, an easy piece for sewing beginners!  
I decided not to iron the pleats in order to get a fuller effect. What do you guys think?

Have a great weekend! Next monday I'll be back with some great, amazing news! Meanwhile, make sure you are subscribed to Dare to DIY's Youtube channel here.


UPDATE: I just found an spanish online store where they sell this fabric (actually it is the online store of the fabric store I went to) They ship internationally!
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