Saturday, March 31, 2012

396 daisies

There are 396 daisies in this big Spring DIY. It's been hard even counting them! Do you want to know how I did it?

I couldn't find a basic white bodycon skirt, so I had to do mine out of a t-shirt. I used another skirt as a model.

What do you need?
Artificial daisies, white skirt, thread, textile glue and scissors. 

I recommend you buying a flower ball like the one I used (in the picture below). For this project we don't need stems, only the flower, so buying a few bunches of daisies would be much more expensive. I found mine on Bossvi, it's a store in Barcelona, but they also have online store.
Artificial flowers are made of a fabric corolla and a plastic structure which is not usually glued. Cut the plastic green calyx to dismantle the flower.
Sew each flower with three or four stitches. I sewed them independently because the fabric of the skirt is elastic, if we sewed them together, using the same thread, it could break while putting the skirt on. Next, cut the stem remnants from the yellow piece (do this as accurately as possible, you'll need a flat surface for the glue). Finally, stick the yellow centers with a strong textile glue (I used G├╝termann's).
You can optionally add some beads on the waist, I used some left over from my Burberry Prorsum inspired sweater. I do recognize that this DIY really hard... But you can use this technique for many other projects (shoes, bags, the sleeves of a t-shirt...)

Do you guys dare with this super spring DIY?

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  1. Wow....such a great DIY!!! I made a necklace using this as inspiration..


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