Friday, November 21, 2014

DIY solutions for everyday problems: home organization

I'm not a statistician, but I'm sure we all waste a few days per year in solving annoying everyday problems, such as tangled cords, dresses that slip from their hangers, earrings that get lost... This is why today I came with some solutions for tidy DIYers. Unfortunately I'm not one of that kind, that's why I searched for the best DIYs made by organization lovers. I'm more like playing with chaos, what could I do? However, I promise I'm going to give a try to some of these projects. At least I have an intention!!
 If your hangers don't have a small notch on the sides, to prevent your dresses from falling, just try this idea by In My Own Style: wrap some pipe cleaners around your hangers. Problem solved!
If your scarfs and your coat always end up somewhere on the living room, when you arrive home... Why don't you try building a beautiful coat stand like this one made by Cantilever and Press?
 This is one of the things that my followers have asked me to do several times: how to make an organizer for accessories. You guys can put a frame in your bedroom, with some padding inside, that allows you to hang your earrings and necklaces. However, I don't really like these solutions as a decorating element. But I do recognize they're so useful, so I would definitely put them on the inner side of my closet's door.

Life is what happens while your are busy untangling your cords... I really need one of these, because I literelly live surrounded by cables. I recommend you visiting Organize your Stuff Now and I heart Organizing, two must-visit blogs for messy people with good intentions.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

DIY Inspiration: How to customize your leather jacket

Today's edit has been inspired by some requests made by my YouTube subscribers: some of them asked me for ideas to upgrade or to recycle an old perfecto leather jacket. I personally believe that a well customized leather jacket can easily become an outstanding piece on our wardrobes. The only thing that keeps me away from getting started with such a brave DIY project is that... I really love my leather jacket. I love it just the way it is, I don't want to add any embellishments nor to change its design. However, I'll try to find an inexpensive leather jacket during the sales season in order to create a tutorial for you.

This DIY inspiration is not something I'm going to recreate by now, but I know that many of you have old jackets that need urgently some sort of makeover to make them wearable again. So I hope you guys like these ideas!


Monday, July 7, 2014

DIY Inspiration: Summer tableware

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Having dinner outdoors is probably one of the best things we can do during the summer. I always yearn for those moments during the rest of the year. Our closest friends and a table, there's nothing else we could need. Well, that's not 100% truth, we obviously need plates and cups!! In today's post I came up with a selection of colorful chinas and glasswares, most of them are hand-painted. Some of these tables could instantly raise your positive energy (something we should save and keep for when it gets chilly). Hope you guys like it!

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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

DIY: How to make a leather bag in 10 minutes!! The easiest bag EVER!!!

Hello my dear DIYers!

Last weekend I had the chance of travelling to Madrid to hold two conferences about my experience as a DIY fashion blogger. I ended my speech with a DIY in live so the assistants could see how I make my projects in person. As I didn't have much time, I had to do something quick yet stunning. I obviously had to refuse using any staining materials such as glue, paint etc. So this is what I came up with! A bag you can easily make in 10 minutes that doesn't need much sewing!

The pattern of this bag is just a rectangle, I folded it in half and sewed the sides. To hold the pleats on the center I used four pyramid screw studs. And to place the strap I put 4 manual eyelets, they work like regular studs, no riveting machine required. All these supplies make everything much easier... Even if you don't have a sewing machine, you could still hand-sew the sides of the bag. 

Hope you guys enjoy the video! As you know it's in Spanish, but I'm seriously thinking of starting a new channel in English. Let me know if you guys are interested!! Meanwhile, if there's anything you don't understand or you don't see clearly on the images, just ask and I'll be pleased to answer!!

The best part of this DIY is that, despite I'm using high quality materials, such as genuine leather, it's really inexpensive. I got the yellow leather piece for 10 euros (it was on sale) and all the hardware for 9 euros more. In the end it was 19 €!! However, having a bag you really like, made by you, is really priceless. 

Leather: As we don't have to sew so much, and we are not going to sew several layers of leather, I recommend using thick leather. Your bag will look much better. If you go for a thin leather, you can add some fusing to harden it a little bit. If you do that, you'll also have to add a facing and a lining. 

Manual Eyelets: They provide a professional look, they're super easy to use and don't require any expensive riveting machine.

Screw Studs: They're so useful because they let us make strong joints really easily. They're available in a wide range of shapes and colors.


Faux leather strap: I'm using a faux leather strap because its much easier to sew. Real leather straps for bags are so thick they usually require a professional riveting machine.

Chain: Make sure your chain isn't so big for the eyelets. You can also dress the chain up with some ribbon, here's an example.

What do you guys think? Do you dare to make this DIY?


Tuesday, February 4, 2014

DIY Decor: Office Makeover

Hi everyone!!
Last Sunday some of you guys saw me on Instagram drawing on a wall. Yes I know that sounds weird ;) I couldn't wait to show you the final result!!

So here's how this crazy project started: A few weeks ago, the guys from Crows & Dogs asked to give them a hand in their office decoration. They're a young (and amazingly talented) group of entrepreneurs who created their own creative digital agency a year ago in Barcelona. Since then, they've launched super cool projects such as Topic, a social network in which you can follow the subjects you like instead of following people. 

They are struggling to raise their company, so everything had to be DIY and low cost. We had to use our inventiveness! You don't have everyday the chance of doing something different and creative (nor you have a blank wall to paint whatever you like). So I instantly said yes!! The process was exhausting, but I had so much fun. ¡Hope you guys enjoy the video!

Previous draft of our virtual kitchen =D
For the meeting room we decided to wallpaper the main wall (the one you see from the door, that makes the first impression) with international newspaper sheets. We used wallpapering glue and applied a few layers of paper. As we combined different sizes, languages and directions, we got a very interesting effect. On the next wall we painted some fake frames to keep up with the idea of the trompe l'oeil we did in the kitchen. However, the frames are still in process. We'd like to fill them up to get something similar to this. But it will take time...
What do you guys think? What's your favorite part of this Office Makeover?

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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

DIY: Chain embellished blazer (Rachel Roy inspired)

Hi everyone!
I'm sure this DIY will seem familiar for some of you guys. I finally made my own Rachel Roy inspired embellished blazer!! I came across this perfect blazer at Zara a few weeks ago, when I went shopping sales. The moment I saw this jacket on the rack, I instantly envisioned the result of this project. I loved the color and the lapels, it was exactly what I was looking for.

However, the process hasn't been a bed of roses... To be honest, it took much longer than I expected and my fingertips are aching a little bit now. But once I started, I simply had to finish... If I had to start over now, I'd probably apply the chains on a smaller surfaces. Anyway, I think it's worth it. I looove the way my blazer looks now. What do you guys think?

Blazer: Zara

How would you guys customize a blazer? On which kind of garments would you apply chains? Hope you guys liked it!!

Kisses!! <3 <3 

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