Wednesday, March 14, 2012

DIY project: Elbow patches

During this season I've seen elbow patches everywhere, so could not let scape the opportunity of doing my own DIY interpretation of this trend. I love the ones with non traditional shapes and colors, I've left some inspirational pics at the end of this post.

This is the first DIY I do with leather. I love this material, it's so inspiring for me and I promise I'll do a lot more projects using it. I'm planning to do a bag during the next weeks, but I'm trying to find a way of doing it without using the sewing machine, so everybody will be able to follow up.

What's great about leather is that it's not too expensive, contrary to what most of people may think. It's quite easy to find unexpensive remnants. Actually, the piece I'm using here was less than five euros, and I just needed the half of it. I recommend using real leather, as those DIYs take a while and it's not worth it to work with faux leather. Anyway, you are free to use whatever you want.

_ Leather, thermal adherence elbow patches (as thin as possible), thin fusing, scissors and textile glue (I use Gütermann's).
It's not necessary to cut the strips so accurately, when you weave them, little differences won't be seen. Moreover, if you use different widths of strips, you'll get a nice effect.
The fusing I put on the back of the patch works as a base for the glue, and it helps the patch to stick to your jacket. Put a pice of fabric or card inside the sleeve and stick the patch with glue.

Inspiration for Elbow Patches
Honestly WTF       y      A beautiful Mess

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