Monday, April 30, 2012

Puzzle of ideas

This is probably one of the most special posts I've ever done, thanks to all you guys who participated in the brainstorm I launched last week. This post is made with all your ideas, so I hope you guys like my graphic interpretation of them.
Roxanne from Head 2 Heels
Many of you told me that painting could be a good option. I do think the same so, following Jade's advice, I thought of painting some sort of pattern and made these two designs. For the first one I did exactly the same I did here. For the second one I used a pattern I designed in watercolor (like forever ago...)
Christal from I Wore That and Marie-Eve from A Pretty Nest
Stefania from Rollolollo, and many of you, suggested me using neon colors or lace.
This was my first idea. I've been working so hard illustrating a comic during the last few weeks and I got so inspired. I thought it would be a good idea to transfer the ink of a comic to the fabric of the sandals, the same way some beauty videobloggers do on their nailart tutorials. I also found some blogs that transfered ink from paper to fabric an I decided to try. I did a test but the result was not as intense as I expected, it looked kind of worn out. At the end I went for a much more simple DIY, which I'll show you in a few days.

Thank you guys for all your ideas and comments ¿What's your favourite design? 



  1. hi :) how did you do that graphic interpretation?


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