Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Drawing with sequins


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Hi everyone!

The DIY inspiration of this week comes from sequins! Many designers are using them as if they were tiles to build up bright and colorful mosaics on dresses and sweaters. Markus Lupfer is one of the designers that use this technique. As I told you in my first Markus Lupfer inspired project, I was planning to do something similar to his sequin jumpers since I started this blog. Finally I did it and I loved it! I found a way of achieving almost the same result without having to hand sew all the sequins one by one. It won't take you more than one hour or two and it doesn't look like a home made DIY... I'll show you in the next post!

I love making DIY inspirational posts because each person sees pictures in a different way, so we all can get inspired to do many different projects. What would you guys do with sequins? Would you do something similar with another kind of supplies?


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