Saturday, April 7, 2012

DIY Project: CMYK Sandals

Hi everyone! 
Here is a total make over of a basic pair of black sandals you may have in the depths your closet (long live recycling!). These are probably my best investment in shoes ever. I can stand on these 5 inches heels a whole night out, and come back home with my feet as if I came from the masseur (well... maybe not that much but they are really comfortable). I've had lower and much more expensive shoes, but I abandoned them for torturing my feet. This sandals are awesome and they deserved to become a canvas for a DIY.

As I promised, this is a low-cost DIY (less than 15 € in supplies), eye-catching (aren't they?) and easy-doing: I've you have ever sewed a button you'll be able to do this. What inspired me? A little bit of this, and a little bit of CMYK color block.

Sandals: Etxart & Panno
Beads: El teu Disseny (local shop in Barcelona)

This week I've been a little bit overwhelmed with too much work (who stole my Easter holidays?), but I just couldn't wait to show you this project. I'll post the tutorial in a few days, I promise! Enjoy your last days of holidays, if you are lucky and you have them!

When I tried them on I wondered if I had gone too far with these bright colors and these beadings... Will I look like I have a Lego city on my feet?? I don't know, but I absolutely love these sandals now. Anyway... What is DIY for? Isn't it for doing things no one else can wear? Do you guys dare with this project?

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