Sunday, April 22, 2012

DIY Tutorial: Cupcake jumper with sequins

Hey guys! How's this weekend going? Ready for a DIY sunday?
Here's my tutorial to customize a sweatshirt (or a jumper, or whatever you want) with sequins. This might seem so hard and difficult, but it's actually quite easy and fast to do. Are you wondering what the secret is? I used textile glue and sequins in strips (instead of using independent sequins). Well, if you are a superdiyer you may think that it's obvious... Anyway, this project is not so different from those crafts we all did at school when we were little.
As I told you, I did this project using the cupcake illustration I did for the background of this blog. You can download it here.
_ A sweatshirt or a jumper: the less elastic, the better
_ Textile glue
_ Sequin strips
_ A textile felt tipped pen

Start tracing the design, or drawing your own with the textile felt tipped pen. In my case this didn't make much sense, but I wanted the cupcake to be exactly as my illustration. If you have a glass table, put a lamp underneath and fix the drawing to the table with sticky tape. Draw a line with taylor chalk in the center of the sweater and also on the paper, this will help you to make your drawing in the right place.

Next, fill your drawing with the sequins. Textile glue usually dries very fast, so you'd better work on small surfaces. Spread the glue and stick the sequins. Use different shades of the same color to achieve a nice shadow-light effect. Finally draw the outlines with a strip of black sequins; this looks better with smaller sequins.
Even though this DIY might seem kind of delicate, it's actually quite resistant. I'm really surprised by the strength of textile glue; it resists even the washing machine! However, I decided to sew the sequins (just a little bit) on the beginning and the end of each strip. Anyway, this was so fast as it's not necessary to sew the sequins one by one.

Important tip: Textile glue works well, that's right, but it's not a miracle. Try to handwash your DIY or, or wash it inside out in the washing machine.

What do you guys think now? Do you dare to do this project? I hope this was inspiring. If you finally do it, please send me your pictures!


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