Wednesday, February 22, 2012

DIY project: the most stunning shoes ever

When I came across a picture of these Sam Edelman shoes, I just couldn't bear with the idea of not having them. Yes, I do recognize this was a silly/childish whim, but I just needed to have them in my closet. Finaly Santa Claus left them under my Christmas tree, which made me sooo happy. These shoes are even more amazing in live than in pictures. Now the funniest issue is that I'm kind of afraid to wear them, because I don't want to damage my favourite shoes ever. Isn't that crazy? Fashion whims are like this.

Santa bought them at Amazon, but they're also available in a few online stores such as Asos. For some reason, the price in dollars and pounds is very similar, so buying them in dollars is totally worth it, you can save a lot of money.

So... even though I own those shoes now, I should admit this could have been a very easy DIY. If you finally Dare to Do this Yourself, you are going to need...

Spikes - Or any kind of studs, of course you can change the design. You can get them on Studs &
Court Shoes - I like them better in black, but those shoes ar also available in a large amount of colors. So pick any court shoes from your closet (they don't necessarily have to be peep toes), the color is up to you.
Glue - Get a super strong one, I'm not sure if contact glue will work well with metal and leather. Your spikes may fall off as metal is a poreless suface. I would try with a hot glue gun or maybe with screwed spikes.
Svarowsky Chrystals / trimmings - There are a few sparkly pieces between the spikes. You can choose any other trimming.
1. Remember to clean carefully your shoes before starting this DIY. Although they might look clean, there's probably some dust on their surface that will affect the way glue works.

2. Have Fun! They don't have to be perfect. Let yourself go and dare to DIY!!

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  1. Lovely heels!!! :D


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