Thursday, February 16, 2012

Let's get started!

Felt-tip pens are not just for schoolgirls. They may be an excellent DIYng tool if you dare to think broader. Do you know that there are special felt-tip pens to paint clothes?? You'll find them at any crafts store.

Now, let me introduce you to one of my very first DIY's. I did this a few years ago, but I still love these trousers. Actually, I'm thinking of making an update of this project. What about doing the same on a dress?? I haven't made up my mind yet.

I found the inspiration on the tattoo TV show Miami Ink. I got really impressed by the great jobs those guys did over people's skin. Although I would never dare to get a tattoo, I thought that maybe bringing that art style to my clothes wouldn't be a bad idea.



Please note that those DYIed clothes are so delicate. You have to be very careful when washing, otherwise your little art piece may end up a little bit worn out. Always wash it backwards with cool water. You can also handwash it, but avoid rubbing your drawings.

Just one tip: depending on the fabric you take, you'll get different results. It is much more difficult to achieve nice gradients on cotton than on textured fabrics such as wool.

Now it's your turn! Dare to DIY :)

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