Thursday, February 16, 2012

Hi everyone!

My name is Sylvia and I currently live in Barcelona (Spain). What you see now is the blog I always wanted to have, but I never dared to do. I've been thinking about this project for so long, and finally I got rid of all the excuses and fears that pulled me backwards ¡and here it is!

Here you'll find DIY projects, ideas and tecniques that will help you to cheer your closet up with your personal and unique touch. I see DIY as something that goes beyond recycling things you don't like. It's about creating something unique and special that no one will be able to find in stores. However, I personally believe that the key point of DIYing is not the result, it's enjoying the time you spend on your projects.

I should say that I have never in my whole life studied fashion design or sewing. At college, I studied Advertising & PR and Journalism. No one ever taught me how to customize my clothes. I usually develop my DIY projects in an intuitive way. In fact, I have learnt most of the things I'll show you by trying, getting mistaken, and trying again. If I'm not happy with the result, I simply do it again, without self-reproaches.

Due to all those facts, I will try to show you easy-doing projects that anyone could follow up. I'm so excited with all this, so I hope you guys have fun reading and get inspired in order to start your own DIY projects. Whatever your passion is, it's never a waste of time. In this regard, I am so pleased to give my spare time away through this blog.



  1. Holla Sylvia! I am glad I found your blog!
    Would you like to follow each other on GFC and bloglovin?

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