Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Welcome to the Fiesta of Gràcia: the DIY super party

The Fiesta of Gràcia quarter, in Barcelona, is an inspiration overdose, an incredible color burst and a geniality flood. Each year, the people who live in this neighborhood get involved in a competition and cover their streets with beautiful crafts they do themselves. It is a great display of the amazing things that can be done with enthusiasm and recycled materials, such as plastic bottles, beer cans or balls of newspaper. It is so exciting to walk through Gràcia's streets during this week and see that these traditions are so alive and that they keep people so committed year after year.

Despite I live in Barcelona since I was a child, I had never attended to this fiesta until today. That's totally unforgivable! I usually go out for the whole summer, but this year my vacation period has had to wait. However, having the chance of seeing this awesome creativity show totally pays off the unbearable heat of the summer in the city. 
And here's one of the DIY's I've done during these last few days. I just discovered how to make these beautiful weaves thanks to Trash to Couture.  I was so surprised when I tried it, it's super easy and fast! I'll make the DIY tutorial in just a few days; I think you guys are going to love this technique as much as I do!

I hope you guys liked the pictures of the Fiesta, had you ever heard about it? And what do you think about the dress? Have you ever tried weaving?


  1. What a lovely town! It looks like a crafty wonderland. :)




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