Sunday, August 12, 2012

Total Ivory look

Dress: Asos
Sandals: Uterqüe

This is my humble tribute to all the (good) street art that has ended up covered by an even layer of gray paint.

I'm a big street art fan, and this is why we thought of taking these outfit pictures in a colorful place, crammed with amazing graffitis. However, when we arrived here, we found out that the whole wall had been covered up with gray paint. In the end I also liked the effect of the plants, but today I wanted to make a different post. And so I added my illustrations.

To focus on the outfit: I had a crush on this dress. I think it's so elegant and I love the crochet detail on the waist. The pop of color just comes from my fuchsia bracelet and my make up: I absolutely adore bright nail polishes and fuchsia lipsticks: MAC's Girl About Town is a must have. I chose the transparent version of my chameleon clutch, although it wasn't easy to make a decision... Having a bag that changes its color is not for indecisive people!

What do you guys think about my mix of illustration an photography? I hope you like it, I spent a great time making this post, I think it's noticeable :)




  1. I love your mix!! :).... how do you draw on pictures so well?


    1. Thank you :) I always draw in vectors (Illustrator), all the illustrations you see in the blog (tutorials, background...) are made this way, but sometimes I also use photo shop to mix pictures and drawings.

      Hope this helps!



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