Sunday, August 5, 2012

DIY Project: Dancing with sneakers

Hi everyone!
Here's the DIY process of the sneakers I showed you in the last post. As you might have seen, it's a very simple design that makes the process so easy and fast.
Pictures by Mariona Olmos from MW Photography
Zapatillas: Primark
Finally, I covered the red lines from the sole with a white permanent felt-tipped pen. Unfortunately. the white ink doesn't work well on many surfaces (same happens with metallics) and after a while it started to crack. So I recommend you using sneakers without colored lines or leaving the lines in their original color.

I have done a pattern of my design, and also one of an stiletto like the one on the sneakers I that inspired this project. You can download the pattern here.

I hope you guys got inspired!!



  1. At first I didn't realize that the design was a ballerina shoe, anyway it's a good idea and makes your sneakers unique! :) I like them

  2. Fast and not that difficult, love it!


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