Thursday, April 4, 2013

DIY Project: Polka dot sweatshirt

Here we go with another DIY! This isn't actually what I planned to do with a sweatshirt, but I wanted to do something with polka dot, and I decided to go for it this week. However there are a few more projects with sweatshirts on my "DIY Ideas Excel sheet", where I note all the ideas that come up to my mind. They're now on standby, but I'll probably make them before the summer.

The reason why I love sweatshirts is because they're much easier to customize than a knitted sweater and they're also great for the period between seasons. I know the technique is not going to surprise you guys, because it's the same I used for my cupcake sweatshirt last year (tutorial here, and more pictures here). First I thought of making the dots with leather, but I couldn't bear with the thought of cutting a large amount of circles and making them perfectly rounded.

I think that sequins provide a cool sport-deluxe effect that I love. It's like some kind of contrast between formal and informal. If you are wondering if the sequins fall off, you should know that  I did my cupcake sweatshirt last year and it's still perfect. Although I always wash it with care (backwards and hand wash). Here's the video!!

The song from the video is by Michelle Rene, a subscriber of my Youtube channel who wrote me to let me know her music. She lives in Nashville and she's trying to make her music known. Isn't her voice awesome? I love the way she sings, and she also writes her own songs. She's really talented and so beatiful! You guys can listen to her music on Soundcloud, on her Youtube channel, and also on iTunes.

Hope you guys liked this. If you just want to make a subtle DIY you can just apply these polka dots just on the sleeves. That would also look son nice and will be faster to make.




  1. Espectacular !! Y para lavarla??? Hay problema con el pegamento textil ?? Un saludo

    1. No! Como digo la del Cupcake tiene un año y ahí sigue intacta. Pero solo hay dos condiciones: poner bastante cantidad (solo en este caso que pegamos lentejuelas, no para pegar telas entre si) y lavar del revés, mejor si es a mano ;)

  2. Ślicznemu we wszystkim ładnie ;D

  3. That is so neat! How does it take to the wash, do the sequins stay put even in the washing machine?

  4. Too cute!! I love this as much as the previous cuppycake sweatshirt! Was so inspired by your previous tut that I made my own version as well!



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