Sunday, March 31, 2013

DIY Project: braided skirt

Pictures by Borja SkarsgĂ„rd
Leather jacket: Massimo Dutti, Boots and top: Zara, Skirt: DIY (basic skirt for the DIY from H&M) 
y Butterfly clutch bag: DIY

So here's my endless DIY I told you about this week. I think it's going to be a great example of my own personal learning method, which is based on trying, making mistakes and trying again. You guys can't imagine the amount of times that I regretted starting such a huge DIY... Fortunately, I didn't give in. I managed to finish my skirt and I also learned a few things that I'm going to share with you guys.

I started hand-sewing the braids, in order to make invisible stitches. But I got exhausted and decided to give a try with textile glue. It didn't work well and I ended up sewing the braids with the sewing machine and a zig zag stitch. If I had started doing this, I would have saved the 75% of my time. But here I am to experiment and share my experiences.

If there's an easy way to make things, I usually go for the long path. This is how I am. Now that my DIY struggle is over (and I know the best method to achieve this result) I definitely would do another braided skirt in brighter colors. However, I'll wait for a while, just to forget all the hours I invested here. Hope you guys enjoy the video. It doesn't have english subtitles because it takes a lot of time to do so on youtube. If someone knows how to do it easily please tell me! Anyway, if there's anything you don't understand just ask ;)
First mistake: Ignoring which materials would make your work easier
When I had all my braids done I discovered this cotton straps that come in balls. They're used for knitting, instead of regular wool. I totally ignored the existence of this, but it would have make my work much shorted and easier.
Second mistake: hand-sewing
It's ok to be a willful woman, but we better save our efforts using the sewing machine. Textile glue didn't work so well..

So... What's the method?
When I finished hand sewing the braids on the front I was totaly exhausted. So I decided to try with the sewing machine. I wish I had done that before! Probably, if I had bought the straps already done, and if I had started by using the sewing machine, it wouldn't have taken so long. But here we are to make mistakes and trying again!




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