Sunday, April 28, 2013

Floral accessories workshop

Did you know that it's possible to make long-lasting accessories with natural flowers? Yes, it is possible, and the result can be awesome! Even if you don't have any gardening skills. That's what I learned last week in a floral accessories workshop for fashion bloggers. It was an event organized by the partywear brand Sayan, and the flower shop The Boj. We had a great time and we learned all the secrets to make floral necklaces, crowns, rings and headdresses. It was the perfect evening for me!
_ Floral tape: It's really different from the tape we are used to. It seems it's made of paper but it's kind of elastic. It's kind of greasy, at first it seems it doesn't have glue. But it's so soft and sticks perfectly to natural flowers.
_ Floral glue: This glue sears the flower and prevents water loss, so it stays beautiful during the whole time we are going to wear our accessory.
_ Flowers
Succulent plants: They are perfect for accessories because they don't need much water. In fact, they belong to the family of cactus.
Dry flowers: The ones we used for the crowns. They last for months and their color doesn't fade.
Fresh flowers: Some of them last for only 24 hours but they look so beautiful on special ocassion accessories. 
_ Wire

All these supplies can be found at flower shops.

1.  Join two wires and wrap them with floral tape. This way we'll get a stronger base for ow crown.
2. Cut small bundles of flowers and attach them with tape. To make a thick crown, we'll have to combine three groups of flowers at the same place, one on the middle, one upwards and another one downwards.
3. Repeat the same process until you reach the lenght you want for your crown.
4. Cut off any outstanding flowers to give your crown an even shape. Attach a ribbon on each side of the wire to close your crown.
Flower necklace made by América, the wedding blogger from  3,2,1 ¡Me Caso!
Dress on the mannequin by Sayan. I'm wearing a dress from Zara and my DIY crown
One of the challenges of the evening was to create an outfit for a surprise occasion. I had to make an outfit for a hippie wedding on the beach.
Hope you guys liked this!! Would you dare to wear flower accessories??




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