Wednesday, April 17, 2013

DIY Project: Crochet waist dress

Hey! How's everything going?
Today I came up with a DIY which is in between the strappy dress from last week and the crochet inspiration from Coachella. But I'm still not in the mood for that summer crochet look... Not until beachy days arrive. So what I did was to add some lace to this cute high waist dress from Zara. It's totally my style! And now I like it even more. In the end I decided to add some embroidered daisies to conceal the seams, that weren't as prefect as I wished... My sewing machine is totally insane!!

If you don't have a sewing machine you can do this with textile glue, as long as your dress and your lace are thick enough. My dress is made of jacquard, which is a thick fabric, so in my case this DIY would work well with textile glue. But as I have a sewing machine I prefered to use it.
What do you guys think? Would you dare to do this DIY? What would you do to adapt it to your own style?




  1. That's fabulous! BRAVO!!!!

  2. wow so beautiful yellow color dress

  3. where did you get the crochet from? it's amazing!

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