Tuesday, April 23, 2013

DIY Inspiration: three-phase color block

It's sometimes odd to analyze the way some trends change throughout the seasons. Someday I will write about how the Aztec trend has turned out into something kind of Mayan with a Peruvian hints... But let's get down to this week's issue, which is color block!

Yes, it seems color block is still alive after its great peak a couple years ago. Do you guys remember when the combination of orange and purple seemed to be the best color combination ever? One year later, the color block trend came back in a more subtle way, with pastel tones. And what about today? It looks like this trend is becoming more discreet by introducing neutral colors into the palette. We can see a lot of combinations formed by two intense hues plus one neutral tone. Or even a maximum of three intense colors combined with neutrals. This week we're playing with color block, what do you guys think? What would you do with this inspiration?



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  1. so nice


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