Thursday, October 3, 2013

DIY Tutorial: contrast sweater

Hi everyone!
After some crazy busy days, I'm back again with a new project. It's been an odyssey to upload this video... After 7 hours and three attempts, here it is! This customized sweater is going to be the first project in a series of ideas to customize knitwear, that I'm planning to make this season.

As you can see, I painted this sweater with textile paint. It's the only way we can achieve a clean straight line, but there's inconvenient: when you use it on a light fabric, it provides a rigid finish.  However, once you iron the paint and wash the garment, it looks much softer. If you are looking for a more blurred effect, you can directly go for the dip dye technique. But keep in mind that home dyes can be used only on 100% natural fibers. ¡Hope you guys like the video!

Do you Dare to make this DIY? Have you ever customized a jumper? What would you do to add your personal touch to your knitwear?


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  1. It looks so good! I'd never be able to make a straight line like that : ) great tips about ironing and washing!

  2. Love this! In the past I would cut a frame around an image I loved off an old t-shirt or one that was too small, then sew it on a new shirt with a cross stitch or using velvet ribbon around the frame - gluing it around the edges. Would like to try your project - I just bought a new sewing machine!

  3. This green and grey contrast looks so amazing. It suits her. I will also get this. as it is looking so beautiful. Thanks for sharing this idea with us. Now it's time to avail water bottle for more information.


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