Sunday, August 4, 2013

DIY Home: Printed paper Candles

Hi Everyone!

Today I wanted to share with you guys a DIY I did some years ago and I still love it. It's a technique to customize candles with printed paper napkins. It couldn't be easier and it's 100% adaptable to your personal style. You guys will need napkins, candles and an iron. It will take just a few minutes!

We'll apply heat with the iron and melt the superficial layer of wax, that will soak through the paper. By doing this, we'll embed that thin layer of paper within the candle. You guys could try making this with other kinds of paper, but from my point of view, napkins work best. They're so porous and allow the wax to come up to the surface. You'll see it more clear in the video. Hope you guys enjoy and don't forget to subscribe my Youtube channel here.

Isn't it easy? The hardest part will be finding the right napkins. It was much more complicated than I thought, because now, during the summer, most of napkin designs are really tacky...
Hope you guys got inspired! This DIY could have a million interpretations. What about using your own pictures? You could also draw on regular white napkins, or even combine your candles with your plates and napkins on a summer dinner outdoors. Do you Dare to DIY this??



  1. Hi Sylvia, I have already subscribed to your YT channel but it says the video is private :(

  2. Yeah, sorry about that! It works now. Thank for subscribing sweetie :)

  3. Can’t seem to get video to play it moves with nothing showing


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