Monday, October 29, 2012

DIY Project: Kill Bill inspired trench coat

So the movie that inspires this week's DIY is... Kill Bill!
I've been in love for years with the trench coat that Elle Driver wears on the famous whistle scene from Kill Bill. So, making this DIY means a lot fot me, I'm so excited with this. I love the imperfect effect of the strokes and that comic style. This trench coat appears just a few seconds on the movie but it's so eye-catching, I really love it!

And here's the DIY video tutorial. I'll show guys an outfit with this trench in a few days! 
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What do you guys think? Is there any garment from a movie you really fell for? 
Hope you guys liked this ;)



  1. hey! i adored your work here! it's awesome. and i shared this at my blog with your links.. Kisses!

  2. so great


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