Friday, September 21, 2012

DIY Project: feline instinct

During the last few seasons there has been an animal invasion on feet of world's blogger population. It all started when Mr. Marc Jacobs gave all his mice collection to Miss Salad. And then Charlotte Olympia came up with her cat slippers to claim her share of grown-up Lolitas' market. 
The DIYer sector reacted so fast and made incredible DIYs inspired by these two icons. PS I made this made a perfect copy of Olympia's shoes, and my dear Momita made a beautiful pair of mice ballerinas. But, as I told you in my last IGers post, the interpretation of cat shoes made by Tiny Toadstool totally amazed me. I've never done a DIY designed by another blogger and I don't want this to set a precedent, but today I'm showing you my version of this super cute booties.
Image via Tiny Toadstool
My DIY process is a little bit different than Tinytoadstool's. Instead of using doll plastic eyes, I made them in leather. And I also made the nose in silvered leather.

I love crossed-eyed characters, this is why I put the pupils randomly ;)

Hope you guys like it!



  1. How sweeet?!! Love that idea! And I really like your boots... ;)
    greets, lici

  2. I just Loved your blog! you are so creative!! this is really a "pearl"!! continue with the great job, I'm loving it ;)


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