Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Aztec print

Pictures: Andrea Feldman Grossman

Skirt: Pippa Lynn for Asos
Sandalis: DIY (click here to see the process)
Necklace: Bimba & Lola (FW 2011-2012)

The other day, after spending too many hours in the college cafeteria, working on a project for my MA with some classmates, we decided to have a break and go for a walk. By chance, we found this huge chalkboard (at least 12 feet high) where people usually stop to draw and write whatever that comes to their minds. There are messages in many languages, from declarations of love to political ideas. We had a sudden inspiration fit: we all were like "grab the camera NOW!!". We had so much fun taking the pictures and laughed a lot, specially because I ended up like a DIY chalk artwork. ¡God save street body painting!

This outfit was not suposed to be an entry for the blog, as I'm not showing any new DIY. However, it's a good example of my daily style. I love combining colorful skirts (eye-catching prints, neon colors...) with neutral t-shirts or tops, just a few accessories and ballerinas or sandals. That's my idea of a perfect outfit.

What do you guys think of aztec print? For me it's one of my favorite trends since it started last year. I hope you guys like this improvised outfit.


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