Thursday, February 23, 2012

Go for buttons!

Anything around you may have infinite profits. Stop looking at the objects as what they actually are, and forget the function they were created for. Analyze their shape, color and texture... then a flood of DIY ideas will come up.

Have you ever used a button for any other purpose than fastening your shirt? In this project I'll show you how to cheer up a basic t-shirt with mother-of-pearl buttons. You can customize any garment or even make a necklace, but what about bringing this idea beyond fashion? Why not making a lamp, a frame or a vase? There are thousands of buttons waiting for you at the haberdasher's... They want you to do something creative out of them!!

Before starting Dare to DIY sewing a button was the furthest point I ever got to on sewing. Where there's a will, there's a way!
I started with the medium sized buttons and afterwards I filled in the gaps with small and big ones. At first, my intention was to cover the sleeves and the front, but in the end I focused on the sleeves. I think this way is more wearable. I also believe that this project looks better if you use a large amount of buttons over a small area, rather than spreading a few buttons over a big surface. Anyway, that's completely up to you!

¿What do you need?

_ Basic t-shirt (mine is from H&M)
_ Buttons: at least three sizes (100 aprox.)
_ Thread: I used white thread, but you can use a contrast color.
_ Needle 
_ A little bit of patience: ¡There are exactly 99 buttons in my DIY! Nevertheless this project took me less than two hours. You don't necessarily have to do this in one day.

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