Wednesday, March 13, 2013

DIY Project: Ballerinas with detachable lips

So finally we are starting to see the results of Pick your DIY Challenge in which I was invited to take part, alongside 6 other prestigious DIY bloggers worldwide: Chic Steals (Oregon, US), A Matter of Style (Milán, Italia), Chic Cheat (Inglaterra, UK), Inspiration&Realisation (Massachusetts, US), Cut Out and Keep (Edimburgo, UK) and La Vie en Rose (Michigan, US).

I picked Charlotte Olympia's "Dolores" shoes from the most voted pictures on Pinterest. I really loved her cap toe lips heels. However, I'm not in favor of those kind of DIYs which main purpose is to look exactly like some luxury product (but in a rough way, of course). I think that DIY must be a process to personalize our clothes and to materialize an inspiration. A good DIY should have it's own personality. So I took Olympia's cap toe lip shoes as a reference and created two detachable leather brooches for these pair of silvered ballerinas. 
The technique is so easy. You guys just have to cut and glue, as we all did in school but using leather. On the other hand you can also follow my DIY steps to create an infinite range of designs, or even use this brooches to create accessories such as rings or necklaces. Here's the vídeo:

I used leather (as I always do), but if for some reason you are unable to find leather near where you live, you can also use felt. 

As I always say, I hope you guys got inspired or, at least, had fun watching.



Click here to see another DIY project with ballerina flats (the same ones in pink)

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