Wednesday, March 6, 2013

DIY Project: butterfly clutch bag

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Hi everyone!
I'm doing another DIY with rubber bugs! Sorry about that, but I really love them and they're so inspiring! Anyway, this week's DIY issue is "how to make a clutch bag out of a sunglasses case". It's going to be a super easy and affordable DIY. Hope you guys like it!!
I am using a big sunglasses case because I couldn't find the perfect clutch I wanted for this DIY. However, my sunglasses case is actually bigger than many clutch bags out there in stores. I recommend using synthetic spray paint, rather than acrylic. It works better on plastic surfaces, acrylic paint will probably take much longer to dry. 

At first my intention was to wear it just like a clutch bag, with no shoulder chain. But I changed my mind in the last moment and added two eyebolts. Actually, if you want to add a shoulder bag, you'd better put the eyebolts before glueing the butterflies. 
Have a nice week 



  1. This clutch is FANTASTIC! I've found oyur blog today and I absolutely love it :)

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  3. Ahhh! This is an amazing DIY! I love it; thanks for the idea!

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