Thursday, September 5, 2013

The easiest DIY dress EVER!!

This week I made a very easy DIY, which is prefect for sewing beginners. This is what I call "the easiest DIY dress in the world". Just sew a few straight lines, introduce an elastic band and, voilà! You can also add shoulder straps. Style it with a belt and it's ready to wear!

The hardest part will be to find a fabric you like. Lately I have a soft spot for upholstery fabrics, because they look great on skirts and dresses. And prints are usually much more creative!! Do you guys remember my newspaper print skirt? The best part of this dress is that you can also wear it as a high waist midi skirt. Hope you guys like the video :) You'll see that it couldn't be easier!

During the process I thought of making a maxi dress, but I'm afraid it would have been too much... What do you guys think?

Hope you guys liked it!!

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