Friday, August 23, 2013

5 Ideas to customize a T-shirt: #3 Transparencies

After changing the sleeves of a T-shirt and making a crop top with a "bow neckline", we are going to play a little bit with textures and transparencies. This could be a simple interpretation of the cut out idea. However, I'll probably make another version of this DIY to go a little bit further with the design. The process of this DIY is so easy and simple. I hope you guys like the video! :)

¡Have a great weekend!

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  1. Came out so pretty, Sylvia! I just made a chiffon t-shirt myself: bright minds think alike :) xox, d.

  2. I am definitely trying this, I love the design!

  3. Hi Sylvia! I'm following your blog for long time, You always have such great ideas and many of them I want to do and this idea is awesome!!! I actually think that the best way to get personal touch is to customize your own tee it's simply cheap and charming! I also have DIY customized tees on my blog , so if you would like you are always welcome to have a look!


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