Friday, June 14, 2013

How to make a maxi dress out of a long skirt

Hi everyone!!
In addition to a new DIY, this week we're having a very special guest. His name is White Boy, and he is one of the pets a friend has on his yard, in the middle of the dessert of California. I though that llamas weren't so friendly, but this one made me change my mind. He stole my heart with his fluffy hair and his buckteeth.

My maxidress is made of a basic skirt from Forever 21, and the top is made with the same technique I used for my braided skirt. I used recycled t-shirt strips. I recommend using high waist skirts (it's better if they have an elastic waistband), however you can use any skirt you already have, as long as it's not too tight. Now the skirt goes a little bit over my ankle, but it's a quite comfortable lenght. It's perfect to wear it with flat sandals.

And it didn't take much time! I did it in just one morning. Don't miss out all the details of the DIY process in the video. I still haven't learnt how to (easily) add subtitles, so if there's anything you guys don't understand, you can just ask ;)

Hope you guys liked my new DIY maxi dress and my new friend :) Would you guys dare to turn your maxi skirt into a maxi dress?



  1. I love anything with braids, and the top of the maxi dress came out really flattering! ...your new friend liked it too!! xox, d.

  2. so cool

  3. Tu vestido y la idea en general esta buenísima! pero por favor, quita los alfileres cuando pases la maquina por arriba. La aguja de la máquina se va a romper! Espero sigas haciendo cosas tan lindas como esta. Besos!

    1. ¡Gracias!! Lo de los alfileres ya sé que no está bien, es una manía que tengo porque soy un poco impaciente y me da mucha pereza hilvanar. Pero intentaré no hacerlo ;)

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