Friday, June 21, 2013

DIY: Tatty divine inspired Sculpey necklace

Hi everyone!
So here's my Tatty Devine inspired necklace. At first I thought of using some sort of plastic, but in the end I chose to use oven-bake clay because it's much easier to find and it's also very easy to work with. My biggest fear, when I started working on this project, was that it could look childish. And I do recognize it didn't came out as I expected on my first attempt. I struggled a little bit with the split leaves... But after trying some different techniques, I can give you some advice.

1. Try to use your fingertips as little as possible: It will be easier to achieve an even and flawless surface if you use modelling tools. You can buy some specific tools for clay, or you can use whatever you already have at home instead. I used a plastic cup, a cuticle remover, a wood stick and some pins and needles.

2. This colored clay might stain your working surface. You'd better work on metal or crystal surfaces.

3. Baking: Every brand has its own baking instructions. You'll usually have to bake your clay for 20-35 minutes, depending on how thick your pieces are. The oven must be preheated to 130ºC / 275ºF. Do not use the microwave!

Hope you guys enjoyed and had a great time watching! Don't forget to send me pictures of your recreations, you can e-mail me (, tag me on Twitter (@Daretodiy) or on Instagram (@sylvia_Daretodiy).



  1. So whimsical and fun! I used to work a lot with polymer clay and if you want a shiny glaze on it (to make it look like plastic) you can buy a lacquer to go on it, or clear nail polish will also work in a pinch. Not that it needs it, it's pretty matte, but just thought I'd mention it!

    1. That's a great idea, I'll try it :) Thanks for your suggestion!

  2. I LOVE IT, Sylvia! Love these tropical leaves!
    Be careful when backing the polymer clay, tho: it releases toxic fumes and nothing that touch polymer clay can be used ever again in contact with food. ;)

    xox, d.

  3. Bravo! Love it!!!

  4. very nice!!!! i love it

  5. so beautiful

  6. Turned out beautifully! You did a fantastic job with this necklace :)

  7. What a great necklace, I really like the leaves with the score marks on them :)

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