Friday, June 21, 2013

DIY Inspiration: Tatty Devine's pesrpex jewels

Laser cut is playing a big part in fashion during the last few seasons. Its great for making awesome drillings on leather and textiles (you guys can see examples here y here), but it also works well on thicker materials.

Some time ago I came across the british accessory Brand Tatty Devine, whose main identity symbol is, by the way, laser cut perspex. I absolutely love their eye-catching and out-of-the-box designs. I thought it would be worth it to share with you guys these surreal and lovely pieces... And of course, making a DIY inspired by them!
And now, you might be wondering... Where's the DIY in this?
Obviously, nobody has perspex and a laser cut machine at home. But there are some good alternatives that can provide really cool results. This DIY is going to be something new for me, I'm still not sure of what will come out of this idea... Hope it's not a DIY disaster!!

What would you do with this inspiration? How would you do it?



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  2. I've got this huge crush on the "Aarrghhh" necklace, I can't wait to try and DIY it!

    X, Comtesse Sofia

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