Monday, October 1, 2012

IGers who dare to diy: new inspiring ideas

Mondays can always be better if you start your week with some creative project in your mind. The time you spend waiting on the subway might be perfect to think of a new DIY for the weekend. We still have four days ahead, more than enough time to reach a great idea. This why today I'm coming up with another Instagram DIY inspirational post. Hope you guys enjoy, Keep Calm and stay creative;)
Which one is your favorite? I would definitely go for those last two :)


  1. There are some really great ideas here! I have to admit, since I started visiting your site, I now look at pieces in a different way. Instead of "I want to buy that", I think "Oh, I could DIY that". Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. El anillo de llave me encanta ;-)

  3. hello, I am Sofia from, how are you? how would you like to DIY feature for DIY Tuesday on lovalafashion? Please get back to me at my blog.


  4. Thank you for that much inspiration! :D
    lg, lici


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