Friday, September 7, 2012

New challenges

All good things come an end, but then they make room for something better. I just arrived from my short vacation period with my energies totally renewed. And this new season I'm facing some new challenges. In fact, keeping goals is what keeps awake, isn't it? There's something new I would like to try in this blog, we'll se how it works. Here's a summary of the summer I'm leaving behind.
Those who follow me on Instagram (@sylvia_daretodiy) might already know this, I've spent a few days in Santander (Spain), my hometown. For me it is obviously one of the best places in the world.
Fancy a little bit of seal life?
The freakiest iPhone case ever! You can buy it on DealExtreme, Ebay etc.
I became an addicted to frozen yogurt with all the toppings available
Mandatory trip to Sitges: summer is not the same if you don't start it with some sushi by the sea
An unforgettable farewell party. Wondering what the dress code was?  To wear a fancy dress of yourself, that self you don't usually show off. So funny!
I always hated mainstream prints such as leopard or camouflage. Military style can be so cool sometimes, but Rambo print will never be elegant. If you are not going to spend a great day with your friends in a fierce paintball fight, wearing military print makes no sense. That's my personal opinion. 
Photosynthesis with my BFF
Wearing my beloved DIY bikini
Everyone needs an inspirational pic like this one in december

Summer's definitely over, but I'm so excited for what's about to come. And we are almost 500 fans on Facebook, I can't believe it! Is there any other better reason to come back from holidays with a smile?

What about you guys? How was this summer? Are you facing new challenges this season?


  1. found your blog and i have to tell you that I'm your fan number 1! I love all that you do!
    (sorry for my english,I don't talk very well)
    I follow you and i hope news posts


  2. You have an aaaaa-mazing body! you should tell us about that too...cause I'm jealous! also, love love love the blog


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