Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Guide for the use of studs and spikes

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I thought it was necessary to make a post in order to clear up certain questions some of you guys have asked me. Customizing clothes with studs and spikes is probably one of the most extended DIYs, so you might already know some of the things I'm about to explain. However, I think this information can be useful for many people.

_They are really easy to apply. Just hammer them into the fabric and poke the prongs inwards.
_We don't need to make a hole on the fabric, because the prongs set into the warp of the fabric. Thanks to this, the fabric won't rip after washing or after wearing the garment.
_There are a lot of shapes and sizes available

_ Prongs might be scratchy. I recommend sewing a piece of fabric on the reverse or sticking some fusing with the iron.


_ They work very well on leather
_ A lot of shapes and sizes available

_ Price: They're a little bit more expensive than studs
_ It is necessary to make a hole in the fabric that will probably enlarge after washing. As a consequence, the spike might fall off.
_ It is not advisable to put them on thin or worn out fabrics, such as very washed denim.
_ The screw might be scratchy

_ Try to put the spikes in those places where the fabric is thicker, such as the seams, the waist, the collar of a blouse...
_ If you want to put the spikes in any other place, cut a little piece of leather or thick fabric and put it in between the spike and the screw.
Shorts: DIY
_ Without a doubt, this method brings the best results
_ It's not too expensive, much cheaper than screwed spikes.
_ Professional clinch allows bigger and heavier pieces.

_ You (obviously) need a clinching machine, which is about 100 €. However, you can get this done in some haberdashery or stud stores.
eBay: A follower from Twitter recommended me this seller. Shippings are free and the prices are very unexpensive. This is a super famous and reliable online store for spikes and studs (as its name says)
Gasel2000: I love this store in Barcelona (carrer Hospital 42), they also have an online store ( Here there's always have everything I need.
Klein's: All kinds of haberdashery and also some studs - 5 Noel Street London W1F 8GD.

Do you guys have any other tip for studs and spikes? Do you know any other reliable place to buy studs?


  1. Wow love this. Thank you so much for it!
    And I love the grey-ish ones with the torn out studded pockets the best. I HAVE to try that!

  2. Thanx, I just needed a reliable seller from ebay -)
    I recently finished the jacket and collar /if it's interestin', you can see it at /
    and now have an idea to update the bag and I need a lot of spikes)


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