Friday, September 14, 2012

DIY Project: leather collage

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So my DIYs are definitely back!
Yes, I know there's a week left for the official end of summer, but I'm one of that kind of people who doesn't get rid of sandals until November. Living in the sunny Barcelona has many advantages! And yes, I know that many of you guys are now putting away your summer clothes, and might not be in the mood for sandals. However, this DIY can be done on any kind of shoes, such as booties or court shoes. In fact, my first intention was to make this leather collage project on a pair of pumps, but I couldn't find the right ones. These sandals seemed just perfect.
And here's the tutorial, you'll just need a leather or suede remnant, scissors and textile glue. Let's get down to work!
Textile glue works awesomely well on leather, but you have to be really careful. Once it's dry, it's almost impossible to remove it without breaking the garment. 
At first, my idea was to fully cover the shoes with leather leaves. When I started DIYing this I didn't actually have an idea of what I wanted, but this is what came out. I had serious doubts about covering all the heel with these zig zag shapes, or the whole platform with smaller leaves. 

I hope you guys got inspired! You might don't like the colors, the shapes or whatever: I do recognize this design is a little bit weird. However, I believe this technique can be so useful for all of you. We can play with a lot of different designs, colors or apply it to any kind of shoes. I'll definitely use this technique again, I loved the result!!

What do you guys think? Have you ever worked with leather?

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  1. I donj't like that much plateau, but your leather apps are great! Love the colour!


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