Thursday, February 21, 2013

DIY project: make an XL necklace with a hot glue gun

Apart from fixing broken porcelain vases, or sealing bathroom tiles, a hot glue gun provides many creative possibilities. Here's just an example of how to make the most of your hot glue gun. The truth is that this project has been very experimental, I didn't know what would come out of this. Fortunately, I loved the result. What we get with this technique is something really flexible and light but, at the same time, very resistant. These features make it perfect to decorate clothes or to make accessories. 
There are colored hot glue tubes, some of them even with glitter. I haven't tried them but I like better the effect of the spray paint on the silicone. This way we can achieve a very intense and shiny color. I'm sure this will be just the beginning of a huge list of hot glue gun DIY's. Here's the videotutorial!

Hope you guys like the result and dare to do it yourselves! Don't forget to subscribe Dare to DIY's Youtube channel here ;)



  1. I love this DIY! Simple, fun, beautiful! There are lots of possible variations! :)

    xo, lici

  2. what did you apply on the glass before starting?

    1. It's soap. I'm working over a glass surface and the soap makes it easier to take off the glue once it's dry ;)

    2. thank you! brilliant idea, by the way! :)

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