Thursday, August 2, 2012

Start doing today what you never dared to do before

Hi everyone!!
Yesterday I had the pleasure of making a photo shoot (again) with the awesomely talented photographer Mariona Olmos from MW Photography. Working with her is always an exciting experience: no matter how beautiful you imagine the pictures, they always go far beyond your expectations.
Pictures by Mariona Olmos
Maillot: Repetto
Sneakers: DIY (tutorial coming up soon)

And now you guys are probably wondering why I am making a post about ballet... Have you ever had a childhood frustrated dream? Such as playing the violin or being an athlete? Something similar happened to me with ballet, because for some reason I never attended to ballet lessons when I was little.

Nevertheless, this year I decided to enroll ballet classes for adults. This is something I recommend everyone doing: if there's something you always wanted to learn (but you think it's too late to start), do it now, as soon as possible. Obviously it will be kind of difficult to get to the Olympic Games, or to play your music in the Opera of Paris. I know I'm never going to dance at any place, and I'll keep on looking like a duck rather than a swan... Who cares?

Those who follow me will probably know, but the sneakers I'm wearing here are my DIY interpretation  of this inspiration. Do you remember my other ballet inspired DIY project?



  1. I love that mix of sneakers and ballet shoes! Great pictures... My fav is ist the last one ;)
    greetz, lici

  2. That's another thing we have in common (other than diy).
    Ballet is something I really enjoyed when I was little and I'm thinking going back to class now that i'm adult! :D
    I have a new pair of pointe shoes in a drawer that I wish to use again!

  3. Beautiful pictures!!!
    "if there's something you always wanted to learn (but you think it's too late to start), do it now, as soon as possible"---- you are so right!! :)
    In the future I am thinking of taking pinting lessons! :)
    Well done



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