Friday, August 24, 2012

DIY Project: Can't stop weaving

Here's one of the projects I've done with weaving technique. But this dress is actually made of two DIY's: it has a cut off on the waist and weaving on the back. Let's get started!
SUPPLIES: Basic cotton dress (mine is from H&M), scissors and optionally thread and needle.
WEAVING / Braiding
Simple technique: Start off taking the second strap under the first strap, then turn it over. Grab the third strap, take it under the second, and turn it over. Repeat this process until you get to the end.
Twisted technique: Do the same steps than in the other technique, but twist the strap before introducing the next one. 

To close the weaving: There are a few options, what I did was cutting and tying the strings with a double knot. You can also stitch it or use a safety pin.

We can't talk about weaving without mentioning Adam Saaks, a fashion designer or a "scissor master", as he defines himself. Saaks is a kind of fashion version of Edward Scissorhands who travels around the world doing snipping shows. I still don't understand the reason why he has reached that celebrity status. I don't if he is the one who invented this technique or he is just a brand ambassador for Ed Hardy. Anyway, he leaves his audience totally fascinated just doing something that everybody could do. If you see the videos, you'll notice that the most "difficult" part is to cut the straps. Weaving takes just a few seconds.

Do you guys remember my DIY bikini?
I discovered weaving one night, watching Youtube videos, and I just couldn't wait. I had to try it just in that moment. In less than 20 minutes I had a brand new top. Weaving is an amazing DIY technique, you can try combining different shapes and widths of straps, combining techniques... It's so easy and simple that you can do it everywhere, even in the pool!

Do you guys dare to start cutting off and weaving your t-shirts and dresses? Try it and send me your pictures!!


  1. Love your weaving!! I did that with a shirt of mine, in the back, too, but just about 3 inches wide... Love that technique ;)
    Greets, lici

  2. Wow, thanx for the post. Inspiring /Gone to cut t-shirt/ -)

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