Saturday, May 19, 2012

My Blogger's Night Out Look

Vestido: DIY
Zapatos: Zara
Clutch: DIY (próximamente =)
Cinturón: Blanco
Today I'm having a small fluffy guest (again). The outfit is the one I wore for Barcelona's Bloggers Night Out, at the W Hotel. I had a great time there and I met a lot of lovely bloggers, like the girls from Fashionably Late. I wore my DIY Pollock Inspired dress with fuchsia accessories. I'll show you guys how to do an envelope clutch soon, but I'm also working on a more simple version =)

Thank you so much guys for all your encouraging comments on the last post! You all really made my day.



  1. That dress is amazing, cant believe you DIY-ed it :)


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