Wednesday, May 23, 2012

DIY Inspiration: IGers who dare to DIY

I must confess I'm addicted to Instagram!! Yes, it's one of my favourite social networks. Beyond that crazy collective obssesion with pictures of cats (with vintage filters, of course), Instagram is a great place to find interesting DIYs. Pinterest is also a good tool, but sometimes its "repin" button becomes a double-edged sword: Only a few people create their own content and, at the end, the timeline is just a mixture of things we all have already seen.

Nevertheless, Instagram is keeping that spirit of sharing your own pictures and the things you do yourself. Many IGers upload pictures of their own DIY's under the hashtag #diy, it's really worth it to spend a while looking at all those pictures. Here's a collage of the best IGer DIYs I've seen during the last few days.

I hope you guys enjoyed these DIY Inspiration boards. Which one of these pictures do you like better? Which project would you do? Have you ever used Instagram to get inspired for fashion or DIY?


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  1. me gusta este post donde haz puesto juntos diferente diy hechos por bloggers&co.

  2. I love everything !! thanks for sharing :)



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