Friday, November 21, 2014

DIY solutions for everyday problems: home organization

I'm not a statistician, but I'm sure we all waste a few days per year in solving annoying everyday problems, such as tangled cords, dresses that slip from their hangers, earrings that get lost... This is why today I came with some solutions for tidy DIYers. Unfortunately I'm not one of that kind, that's why I searched for the best DIYs made by organization lovers. I'm more like playing with chaos, what could I do? However, I promise I'm going to give a try to some of these projects. At least I have an intention!!
 If your hangers don't have a small notch on the sides, to prevent your dresses from falling, just try this idea by In My Own Style: wrap some pipe cleaners around your hangers. Problem solved!
If your scarfs and your coat always end up somewhere on the living room, when you arrive home... Why don't you try building a beautiful coat stand like this one made by Cantilever and Press?
 This is one of the things that my followers have asked me to do several times: how to make an organizer for accessories. You guys can put a frame in your bedroom, with some padding inside, that allows you to hang your earrings and necklaces. However, I don't really like these solutions as a decorating element. But I do recognize they're so useful, so I would definitely put them on the inner side of my closet's door.

Life is what happens while your are busy untangling your cords... I really need one of these, because I literelly live surrounded by cables. I recommend you visiting Organize your Stuff Now and I heart Organizing, two must-visit blogs for messy people with good intentions.


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