Thursday, November 21, 2013

Dare to wear: customized jeans

After a hurricane comes a rainbow...  Definitely, Katy Perry's lyrics are an immeasurable source of wisdom. There's no doubt about it.

Yesterday morning, after a week of depressing rain, the sun came back to Barcelona. It might sound whimsical or weird, but the weather totally changes my mood. For me, the worst thing about those grey days is that it is impossible to record new DIY videos. They look so dull and sad, and I don't like the effect of artificial lightning on the camera. So when I saw that beautiful day, I went out to take pictures of this outfit, featuring two of my latest DIYs. I wore my customized jeans with a sweatshirt from Maje, a shirt from Asos and high heels. What do you guys think?

Sweatshirt: Maje / Shirt: Asos / Jeans: Customized Levis Curve ID / Football ball bag: DIY / Shoes: Calvin Klein

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  1. Hi,

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