Wednesday, November 7, 2012

(The best) Nail Art Inspiration

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Last week I discovered something I just couldn't keep to myself: it is, without any sort of doubt, the best nail art blog I've ever seen, Its name is Polish All The It is not easy to find creative, funny and elegant designs without all those tacky 3D roses. Enjoy the inspiration!
But there's something really sad in this story: I had already seen some of these designs but I hadn't ever heard of this wonderful blog. The reason is that some Instagram profiles (some of them with more than 600K followers) steal the contents that some talented people create and they don't even mention the author.

After seeing the blog of this girl, and all the work that's behind every post she makes (just take a look the quality of the pictures, she takes them with a macro) I decided to unfollow all those profiles. I know it's not easy because they post really nice pictures and so inspiring contents. However, we should all be aware that they are winning followers and making money thanks to the work of photographers, artists, designers and bloggers that remain in anonymity. 
And here's my version of her giraffe design I showed you guys a few days ago on Instagram (sylvia_daretodiy).

Hope you guys loved this inspiration as much as I do!



  1. I think the problem is that a lot of this stuff goes on weheartit or pinterest. Me, for example, I save billions of pictures on my pc and, though i dont re-post them on instagram or anything, i wouldnt be able to say where they come from! Moreover, most of the pics gets hearted from tumblr and even if they give you the name of the blog from which they hearted it, its not the original blog that posted it, and still, there are high chances that the pic was not taken by her/him but was saved. Maybe from weheartit lol. The author of the pics and of the nail arts, or diy should insert credits directly in the pics, is the only possible way.


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